centering yourself in dancer


Stability, flexibility, fearlessness and strength are all words to describe this beautiful pose. Finding a solid foundation in this pose begins in the mind.

Begin with finding your center of gravity. With both feet on the ground, start at the crown of the head and work your way down the body balancing the weight of your body on the right and left side of the spine. Search for your center of gravity by working your way through each part of your body outside of the spine. Each part having it’s own center of gravity. Your head, shoulders, upper arm, forearm, hands, ribcage, pelvis, thighs, calves and all the way to your feet. Pretend like your spine is a magnet pulling each part to the spine for a strong foundation. Focus on that foundation as you begin to shift your weight and center of gravity to one side.

Root into the solid ground below you and lift your knee cap on that standing leg (right leg) activating strength. Lift the left leg and bend the knee placing the inside of the foot or ankle in the palm of the hand. Palm facing away from your body. Lift the left arm to the sky, bicep near the ear. Focus in your mind on the solid foundation you began with. As you begin to push that back foot or ankle firmly into the palm, drive the back leg behind you and lift the knee. At the same time with care and focus, hinge forward creating balance on all sides of your body. Through this pose you have found a new center of gravity. Return to standing.

Each pose in yoga opens you up to new ideas for your mind and body. Connecting these ideas brings you to a beautiful place of balance.


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